Trish Johansen:Veterinarian 

Dr Trish is a New Zealand trained vet who dreamed of becoming a vet from three years of age. She has also worked as a veterinarian in England.

Her focus is

1. Animal health and welfare: intensive care surgery, emergency care, keeping pets well by using vaccination and parasite control.

2. Improving human health through animals: improving cattle health means calves to sell so people can better provide for their families, eradicating rabies and working with the Apopo landmine clearance rats. 

Dit Sary: Senior Veterinary Assistant

Sary was a full time tuk-tuk driver when his career as a vet assistant began.  He brought someones dog to the practice who had been trying to have puppies for four days. Sary volunteered to help with the little dog and Dr Trish was moved by his huge kindness and compassion, and knew he was exactly who she had been looking for. Surgery and taking care of inpatients are two of Sary's passions. As well as a great surgical assistant, he is invaluable with day to day things like stock management, translations and care of hospitalised patients





Andy is a veterinarian from the Philippines.  She volunteered for two weeks and was so awesome, we asked her to stay. Andy's special interests are medical illnesses and diagnosis using microscopy, ultrasound, xrays and blood testing.  She also works with the Apopo rats. Andy has two dogs and a cat, Bong Bong


Andy Bacarra:Veterinarian  


Phary: Reception & Accounts

Lucas was often my veterinary assistant when I first opened the practice, providing a helping hand inserting IV drips etc. Before I had all our wonderful staff to take turns at taking care of patients  , I used to take seriously ill animals home overnight. This sort of care can make the difference between a very ill pet making it through the night or not.

When it wasn't a school night, Lucas helped when I was very tired, cuddled and syringe fed the patients.




Phary is the person you will find sitting quietly behind reception, answering phone calls, emails and facebook messages.  She was so shy when she came she barely spoke.  Now her English is getting better and better and her confidence is growing all the time.  More than likely Phary is the first person who will meet you and your pets.  She also translates Khmer and English

Lucas: After Hours Cuddler And Syringe Feeder