We offer neutering of pets by highly trained and experienced surgeons. Reducing unwanted puppies and kittens is is important in controlling rabies and improving animal welfare.

The operation is done through a tiny wound by a qualified and experienced surgeon, reducing pain and recovery time. Included in the cost is:
1. A thorough pre-operative health examination.
2. A pre-medication and painkiller so they are happy and unstressed before the surgery and they wake up smoothly.
3. A full general anaesthetic.
4. Fluid therapy is given if your pet is at all dehydrated.
5. Your pet’s anaesthetic is monitored constantly throughout and after the surgery by trained assistants.
6. Skin sutures are placed underneath the skin so they can’t be chewed out.
7. We tattoo females’ left ear and next to the incision to show that they have been spayed. This also helps with identification if they get lost or stolen.