*All vaccinations include a full veterinary health check.

*Our vaccines are stored correctly to make sure they are effective, which is often a problem in Cambodia.

*We see many fatal diseases that could be avoided by vaccination. As well as the standard vaccinations, we recommend vaccination against rabies.

Please vaccinate yourselves as well as your pets against Rabies. People say there’s no point having rabies vaccinations because if they’re bitten, they need to get the rabies post-exposure vaccines anyway. The problem is that you can be exposed to the rabies virus without knowing. This can we through the smallest break in your skin, or in through your eyes/nose. In this case, you will not know to get a post-exposure vaccine and you will die. Being vaccinated can save your life.

For more detailed information about rabies and the Cambodian Rabies Eradication Program {CREP}, please click here: Rabies Information