Little Louie was found by Josette from Siem Reap Pagoda Cats and she brought him in for treatment.  Lucky to survive, Louie now has the most loving home and his owners are taking him home when they return to England.   

Donate For Veterinary Preventative Care and Treatment

Louie was lucky.  The sad fact is that we see a lot of animals suffering in Cambodia.  Conditions vary from infectious and often fatal diseases such as dog and cat viruses, diseases caught from ticks, accidents, starvation, advanced and painful skin conditions and much more.


There are many reasons for this. The care of pets is relatively new here so people simply don't know that we can treat these conditions.  Being a Buddist society, these animals are left to eventually die.


The other factor is cost.  I need to make regular trips to Malaysia and Thailand to buy simple products which makes it hugely expensive. Animals that appear to be living on the street are owned, but the average Cambodian wage is extremely low.  Even buying a tick collar can be cost prohibitive, let alone neutering and vaccination.   Neutering will improve animal welfare in so many ways, and also is a crucial step in rabies eradication.  


In Siem Reap, we have several charities run by passionate animal lovers who feed and nurse sick animals.  It's a heartbreaking job, especially with poor resources.  Now that I have set up our animal hospital, we would like anyone to be able to bring in suffering animals for free treatment, vaccinations and neutering via international funding.  These animals may be from the streets or villages (with the owners permission), or owners who simply cannot afford treatment. If you can donate, we will show you where your money goes so that you are intimately involved.  

We have recently started the Cambodian Rabies Eradication Program {CREP}.  By donating to get animals neutered will also play a key part in eradicating rabies, thus saving human and animal lives, and alleviating suffering.

I found little Lola wandering the street and eating plastic. This is her only one month later after she's had the maggots under her skin removed, her mange cured and her tick bourne disease treated.  She was taken into a lovely foster home, loved, and fed.  We need donations for fosterers as well for food and other necessities. 


As long as animals are healthy and well fed, they are happy to be returned to the street and live with the family they know.

For the last two years, we have been building up as much clinical resources and equipment as we can.  It has proven to be a very difficult, time consuming and often unfruitful task. 


If you are an equipment provider of x-ray machines, in-house laboratories or scanners, in fact anything, at all, then please consider donating to us and know that you will be making a massive contribution.  Your equipment will be used for the treatment and diagnosis of specialised animals used to clear landmines, endangered wildlife as well as helping to save beloved pets.  We will do everything we can to promote you for your generosity and your equipment will be seen and used by visiting veterinary students, who will not normally be exposed to such diagnostics and will be inspired to purchase for their own practice.  More advanced diagnostics will undoubtably, with extra practical training, elevate the standard of veterinary care in Cambodia, which is a fabulous thing to play a role in.  Thank you

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